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What Genealogy Is

Genealogy, sometimes called family and sometimes misspelled as genealogy, is the study and research of one's ancestors and the descendants of their ancestors.

Genealogy Online is a famous online genealogy site. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, do genealogy as part of their religion. Mormons, or Latter-day Saints believe in and practice vicarious ordnances for the dead. The Church ahs a genealogy web site that anyone can use. the url is:

The are a number of other free online sites and some that you have to pay for.

Free Online Genealogy Sites

Free Genealogy Online is a free site with lots of free data. There are ancestor list, (most using "Ahnentafel' numbering,) and descendants lists. Free Online Genealogy has death records, birth records, marriage records and pedigree charts. Free Genealogy Online is linked to The Taylor Family Free Genealogy Site which is another free site. There are thousands on surnames but the major ones and Hancock, Sapp, Taylor, Holloway, Peacock.

The Taylor Family Free Genealogy Site has two major Taylor lines both ending with a Robert Taylor. These are different Robert Taylors. One married Lucinda Sapp (daughter of RV Levi Sapp) on 6 Jan 1843 in what is today Cook county Georgia. This Robert Taylor is believed to have come from Dodge county Georgia. The other Robert Taylor was from Marion SC and may have been born sometime around 1780 (he had a son born on 14 Jan 1881). He was married to Mary (Taylor) . They had at least one known child, a son named William Jackson Taylor Sr. William married Samantha Jane Rogers and they had seven known children. William Jackson Taylor also married Mary Ford on 30 Nov 1865. They had three known children. Please email us with additional information you have ether of these Robert Taylors or Levi Sapp. They also have a Robert Newsom Taylor, M.D. from Pulaski County, Georgia.

At The Taylor Family Free Genealogy Site  site they have genealogy (family history) for Hancock or Hancocke family from 1525. This Hancock family descended from Thomas Hancock(e) who was born about 1525 in St. Mary Woolnot, London, London, England. One of his descendants, a William Hancock came to America in 1619. He was a member of The Virginia Company Of London which was created by King James I for the purpose of colonizing in America. The first settlement was established at Jamestown in 1607. As an investor in the Virginia Company, William traveled to Jamestown in 1619. He was a member of a group that founded Berkeley Hundred.

Sapp Genealogy has the  Descendants of Levi Sapp RS form VA, died and buried in GA Descendants of John Sapp Sr., from Allegany Maryland Ancestors of Herald Ival Sapp, Ancestors of Hiram Doye Taylor and the Descendants of John Mainwaring from 1460 AD

Pioneers of South Georgia of has data about the founding families of south Georgia but also has data about families all over the world. There is the descendants of William Parrish and William Monk. Willam Parrish's great grandson Henry Parrish was the progenitor of most of the Parrishs of south Georgia. Henry Parrish, the Revolutionary War ancestor of the Parrishes of South Georgia and Florida, was born in Spotsylvania, VA., about 1740, a son of Joel Parrish who died there testate in 1791.

The Descendants of Augustus Edward Bayol Sr. site has information about Augustus Edward Bayol Jr. who was born on 16 Dec 1865 and died on 23 Jan 1938. There is a number of scanned in documents. Augustus Edward Bayol Jr.'s. granddaughter, Annie Ward Bayol Holloway, who was the mother of Frances Helen Holloway Taylor Dyer, Baptism and Confirmation Certificate, Oct. 18, 1942. Annie Ward Baylor Holloway Birth Certificate, Oct. 23, 1890.  William David Holloway and Annie Ward Bayol marriage license, 1908. William David Holloway and Annie Ward Bayol marriage license part two, 1908. Wedding of William David Holloway and Annie Ward Bayol, Selma Times Dec. 31, 1908. Deaths of William David Holloway, and Annie Ward Baylor Holloway, parents of Frances Helen Holloway Taylor Dyer.

The site is an interactive site where you can submit data and view the data online. There are pictures, bios, and much more.

Professional Genealogy Sites , , The Origins Network , OneGreatFamily

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