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Genealogy, sometimes called family and sometimes misspelled as genealogy, is the study and research of one's ancestors and the descendants of their ancestors. is a famous online genealogy site. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, do genealogy as part of their religion. Mormons, or Latter-day Saints believe in and practice vicarious ordnances for the dead. Read more about family history and genealogy.

Weight Loss

Weight loss and a more healthy life style is important and something that mire Americans are concerned about than ever before. This is both understandable and ironic. Most Americans are over weight and most do not eat a healthy diet nor get adequate exercise. Read more about weight loss and healthy living.

Geocities and Free Websites

Way back when, was the coolest thing. When social networking ment moving around the room at a cocktail party and nobody had ever heard of Facebook or MySpace and no one had become a millionaire much less a billionaire from the Internet, Geocities gave everyone a chance to have a "homepage."  Read more about Geocites and free web hosting.

Making Money Online

It is possible to make money on the Internet. Read more about making money on the Internet.

Portable Storage Buildings

Portable storage buildings are constructed of either wood or metal.

Wood Portable Storage Buildings

Wood Portable Storage Buildings... Read more about wooden portable storage buildings.

Metal Portable Storage Buildings

Metal Portable Storage Buildings... Read more about metal portable storage buildings.

NCAA College Football Polls

Read more about NCAA College Football Polls.

The University of Alabama Football Team

Read more about the University of Alabama Football Team.


Georgia Two-Year Colleges

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton

One-on-one attention from instructors, small class sizes, and lots of smiling faces characterize what I think is the most unique college in Georgia.  In fact, ABAC is one of the few public two-year residential campuses in Georgia!

At ABAC, we can meet your needs with a curriculum that includes 57 different programs of study. You can choose to transfer after two years to a university to continue your four-year degree or you can complete one of our 16 career technological programs and immediately enter the job market

Some of the programs at ABAC -

College Transfer Programs:
Animal Science
Child & Family Development
Early Childhood Education
Consumer Economics
Family & Consumer Sciences
Fashion Merchandising
Foods & Nutrition

Wildlife Management

Career Programs:
Animal Science
Livestock Health
Plant Science
Children & Family Services
Wildlife Technology

Certificates (One Year):
Children & Family Services
General Animal Industry Management
General Family & Consumer Sciences
Horse Operation Management

Valdosta Technical Institute, Valdosta

Veterinary Assistant School


Official information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)

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